53.43 Repeater

This repeater is located on a broadcast tower located in Malmo, NC at 34 14.626 N and 078 07.348 West or about 10 miles west of downtown Wilmington in FM-04.  It transmits a tone of 88.5hz and if needed due to interference a tone of 88.5hz is required for access.  The tone access remains off at most times.  The repeater consists of the following equipment:

  • GE Master II transceiver modified for repeater use
  • Computer Automation Technology CAT-1000 controller
  • Decibel Products DB-212-4 antenna at 600 feet.
  • Wacom WP-609 duplexers
  • Astron RM-50M power supply
  • Andrews LDF-50A feed line

Commands open to the public are as follows:

  • 725* - to hear your signal as recorded at the repeater.  
  • 400 - to get the current time 
  • 375 - to test your radio's DTMF

Last Updated 06/12/2005