224.500 Repeater


The repeater is located at 34 19.15' N 078 13.44' W in grid square FM-04vh on a communications tower near Delco, NC.  It is a backup repeater for  New Hanover County ARES  for training and during activations.  Being on an emergency communications tower a generator is always available and switches on automatically should commercial power be lost.

A CAT WX-1000 (SAME) weather receiver is also part of the system alerting hams of severe weather in our area.  The repeater consists of the following equipment:

  • Micro Control Specialties MR-4 receiver
  • Micro Control Specialties MT-4 exciter
  • Decibel Products DB-220 antenna at 800 feet.
  • Computer Automation Technology CAT-1000 controller
  • Computer Automation Technology WX-1000 weather receiver
  • Computer Automation Technology DR-1000 digital voice recorder
  • Wacom BPBR duplexers
  • Bird rack mounted watt meter
  • Astron RM-50 power supply

The repeater transmits a tone of 88.5 hz at all times to allow the use of tone squelch in high intermod areas of town.  If needed a tone access of 88.5 hz is required to eliminate unnecessary interference.  However the repeater is normally open to all. 

Commands open to the public are as follows:

  • 725* - to hear your signal as recorded at the repeater.  
  • 99 - to hear the present weather conditions at the site.
  • 400 - to get the current time 
  • 375 - to test your radio's DTMF



Last Updated 06/28/2005