Purpose of ARESŪ

Amateur Radio Emergency Services is a volunteer radio communications service available to Federal, state, county and local governments, as well as non-profit organizations. Amateur Radio operations all over the nation have formed groups to provide reliable communications for governmental agencies and/or non-profit organizations when needed.

Find out more about this service from the national ARRL organization: http://www.arrl.org/ares

Types of Communications

ARESŪ can provide many types of communications including voice, morse code, radioteletype, television, and computer modes including TCP/IP connections to the Internet. In addition, email of amateur radio is now available using Winlink 2000. This system will allow a computer connected to an amateur radio to provide an email server for the local network and if the internet is not available, will send the message over amateur radio to a distant server that does have internet access.

Working for Agencies and the Public

   If your organization has a need for a reliable and organized back-up communications method which can be called into action if your usual communications are over-loaded or disrupted, then ARESŪ can help. ARESŪ volunteers can be deployed out to remote locations or to your office to assist in communications needs.
   During a disaster, ARESŪ members are deployed to shelters and can help those at the shelter get a message to loved ones that they are ok when usual communications are not available.
   ARESŪ members can also help non-profit groups with communications during public service events such as parades and walk/run/bike-a-thons.

Non-Profit Organization

ARESŪ is made up of FCC licensed amateur radio operators and as such cannot accept any monetary compensations for the volunteer efforts. However, there is a need for equipment to support and maintain the efforts of the organization. Funding for equipment is provided by donations to the Wilmington Amateur Radio Society or through grants with New Hanover County Emergency Management or American Red Cross Cape Fear Chapter. If you would like to donate equipment, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

Information courtesy of ARRL